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Sale and Rental of Certified Welding Habitat System

Welding Habitat System is designed to allow naked flame or hot work activity such as welding, grinding, cutting, to be carried out without the need for a plant/production shutdown.
Main Objectives
Pressurization – Breathable air is constantly supplied into the Welding Habitat System to prevent the ingress of explosive gases or vapours which are often present at offshore platform / oil and gas plants.
Containment – Welding Habitat System enclosure is arrange to prevent welding slag and welding/grinding sparks from escaping to the possible explosive environment.
Standard Practice
Welding Habitat Systems are often associated with the offshore oil and gas industry because there is likely the presence of explosive gases or vapours.
The expansion of safety awareness leads the usage of Welding Habitat System to onshore oil and gas industry, power plants and any work plant where flammable/explosive gases or vapours is very likely to present.