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Trading and Supply

1 Electrical and Instrumentations:
  i. Explosion Proof and Non Explosion Proof Light & Fittings
  ii. Explosion Proof and Non Explosion Proof Electrical Parts, Components & Accessories
  iii. Power Supply System – DC Charger, Batteries, UPS
  iv. Cable Trays/Ladders/Conduits, Cable Gland & Wiring Accessories, Junction/Terminal Box
  v. Power Cables & Instruments Cables
2 Pumps and accessories
  i. Centrifugal Pump
  ii. Horizontal Pump
  iii. Submersible Pump
  iv. Fire Water Pump
  v. Sump & Dry Pit Pump
  vi. Screw Pump
  vii. Reciprocating Pump
  viii. Ballast Pump
3 Valves
  i. Ball Valves
  ii. Gate Valves
  iii. Butterfly Valves
  iv. Globe Valves
  v. Regulating Valves
  vi. Double Block Bleed Valves
4 Rotating Item Supplies
  i. Bearings
  ii. Bearing Isolators
  iii. Couplings
  iv. Gaskets
  v. Mechanical Seal
  vi. Impellers
  vii. Shafts
5 Marine Supplies
  i. Ropes
  ii. Winches / Slings / Shackles
  iii. Propellers & Tail Shafts
  iv. Outboard Engine
  v. Deck / Hull Tools & Fittings
  vi. Marine Lighting
6 Pipes and Fittings
  i. Steel Pipes
  ii. Pipe fittings
  iii. Flanges
7 Others
  i. PPE
  ii. Safety Equipment
  iii. Uniforms